• Pink Angel and Roses Earrings

  • Rose Cameo Earrings in Red and Fuchsia

  • Fuchsia Roses and Leaves Cameo

  • Vintage Inspired Earrings with Cameo Roses

  • Cameo Earrings with Colored Roses

  • Green Multibead Stretch Bracelet

  • Hot Pink Multibead Stretch Bracelet

  • Hot Pink Buddha and Roses Long Necklace, silver color

  • Flowers Cameo Lace Necklace

  • Roses Broches

  • Flowers and Strawberry Ring

  • Fuchsia Roses and Leaves Cameo Ring


  • Penguins Earrings

  • Blue Bright Bears Earrings

  • Pink Moby Dick and Lighthouse

  • Funfair and Horses Carousel Earrings

  • Cactus Flower and Watering Can Earrings

  • Little Penguins Ring

  • Little Ducks Bathing Ring

  • Little Greedy Bears Brooch


  • Creamy Cake Earrings

  • Lollipop Hoop Earrings

  • Muffin Hoop Earrings

  • Fruits Donut Earrings

  • Strawberry Field Earrings

  • Chocolate and Vanilla Muffin Bracelet

  • Chocolate Muffins and Charms Bracelet

  • Strawberries Keyring


  • Colored Umbrellas Earrings

  • Blue Long Earrings with Small Red Lips

  • Violet and Pink Lips Earrings

  • Orange Accessories Long Earrings

  • Silver Accessories Earrings with Black Studs

  • Blue Circle Earrings

  • Azure Round Earrings

  • Big Grey Round Earrings

  • Mirrors and Combs Bracelet

  • Cool Accessories Kilt Pin Brooch in Blue

  • Cool Accessories Kilt Pin Brooch in Pink

  • Cool Small Accessories Pins


  • Black Long Earrings with Roses and Handmade Small Accessories

  • Red Lips and Cameo Kisses Bracelet

  • Handcuffs and Razor Blade Chain Necklace

  • Red Hot Lips Ring

  • Kilt Pin Brooch with Skulls and Charms

  • Chatty Big Skulls Brooches

  • Kiss me Softly Pin Brooch

  • Skull Keyring