• Rose Crystal Earrings in Black or White

  • Black Roses Dangle Earrings

  • Vintage Inspired Cameo Rose Earrings

  • Black Rose Button Earrings

  • Buddha Paper Découpage Earrings

  • Butterflies Earrings

  • Black Roses Rings and Black Rose Brass Earrings

  • Rose Cameo Pendant Bracelet and Charms

  • Black Leather Bracelet with Roses Cameo

  • Leather Bracelets with Roses Cameo, in many colors

  • Flowers Buttons on Cotton Thread, in many colors

  • Crown Bracelets on Cotton Thread, in many colors

  • Beige Italian Lace in a Pendant Locket, Long Necklace

  • Rose Cameo Choker Necklace, in many colors

  • Rose Cameo Choker Necklace

  • Colorful Butterflies Necklace

  • Black Roses Adjustable Ring

  • Roses Cameo Broches


  • Tiny Mustache Earrings Handlebar Style, in many colors

  • Mustaches Necklace

  • Bird in Cage Adjustable Ring

  • Red Rocket Spaceship Adjustable Ring

  • Dwarf Adjustable Ring

  • Ducks and Penguins Adjustable Rings

  • Black Mustache Pin

  • Raspberry Mustache Tie Pin, in many colors

  • Yellow Mustache Cufflinks

  • Black Mustache Cufflinks

  • Purple Mustache Cufflinks

  • Orange Mustache Cufflinks

  • Blue Sparkle Glitter Mustache Cufflinks

  • Purple Sparkle Glitter Mustache Cufflinks


  • Oreo and Biscuits Bracelet

  • Strawberry Pie and Tea Cup Rings

  • Tea Time Tea Cup Ring

  • Wedding Cake Ring with Strawberry Sauce Topping

  • Strawberry and Apricot Pies Cufflinks

  • Muffin Tiny Pin


  • Red Faceted Stone Earrings

  • Light Green Stone Earrings

  • Blue Stone Earrings

  • Navy Blue Stone Earrings

  • Blue Faceted Stone Earrings

  • Green Faceted Stone Ring

  • Small Accessories Kilt Pin Brooch in Dark Blue


  • Skull Dangle Earrings, in many colors

  • Wrap Around Skull Leather Bracelet, in many colors

  • Wrap Around Black Skull and Rose Beaded Bracelet

  • Skulls Multibead Stretch Bracelets and Skull Ring

  • Razor Blade Bracelet on Cotton Thread, in many colors

  • Handcuff Bracelet on Cotton Thread, in many colors

  • Roses Cameo and Purple Skull Necklace

  • Red Skull Cufflinks