SoSweet, cakes and candies for "good girls", muffins, donuts, sweets, greedy macarons, tea cups and coffee cups.
Available also as wedding favors.


  • Sweets and Cakes Earrings

  • Teapot Ring with Icecream and Sweets

  • Frozen Yogurt Ring and Sweets

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  • T Rex Ring with Teapot and Tea Cup

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  • Icecream Ring with Strawberry

  • Blue Tea Time ring and Sweets

  • Frozen Yogurt Ring with Heart Biscuits

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  • "Alice in Wonderland" Style Necklace with Sweets, Teapot and Rose

  • "Alice in Wonderland" Style Necklace with Teapot and Sweets

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  • Tea Time Hairband with Sweets


  • Light Blue Cupcake Earrings

  • Wedding Cake Charm Bracelet on Cotton Thread, in many colors

  • Biscuits Bracelet for Humans and Pets...

  • Tea Cup Hair Pin with Teapot

  • Tea Cup Hair Pin and Sweets


  • Tea Cup and Biscuits Jar

  • Biscuit Earrings and Rings

  • Tea Cup and Biscuits Rings

  • Cake and Charms Kilt Pin Brooch

  • Pink Tea Cup Hair Pin


  • Fruit Donuts Hoop Earrings

  • Coffee Cup Necklace with Whipped Cream and Biscuits

  • Coffee and Tea Cup Rings, Alice in Wonderland inspired

  • Tea Time Tea Cup and Biscuits Jar Ring

  • Light Blue Tea Cup Hair Pin

  • Strawberry and Apricot Pies Cufflinks

  • Apricot Pie Keyring

  • Hair Clips


  • Oreo and Biscuits Bracelet

  • Strawberry Pie and Tea Cup Rings

  • Tea Time Tea Cup Ring

  • Wedding Cake Ring with Strawberry Sauce Topping

  • Strawberry and Apricot Pies Cufflinks

  • Muffin Tiny Pin


  • Biscuits Jar Earrings

  • Tea Time Earrings

  • Fruit Cake Earrings

  • Oreo and Biscuits Bracelet

  • Fruit Cake Ring

  • Teapot Brooch

  • Macarons Box Brooch

  • Macarons Cufflinks


  • Creamy Cake Earrings

  • Lollipop Hoop Earrings

  • Muffin Hoop Earrings

  • Fruits Donut Earrings

  • Strawberry Field Earrings

  • Chocolate and Vanilla Muffin Bracelet

  • Chocolate Muffins and Charms Bracelet

  • Strawberries Keyring